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Black annealed wire is also called black iron wire,soft annealed wire and annealed iron wire.It includes annealed wire and black oiled wire.
Annealed wire is obtained by means of thermal annealing. It’s made of carbon steel wire.  
Annealed wire offers excellent flexibility and softness through the process of oxygen free annealing. And the black oiled wire is formed via the process of wire-drawing, anneal, and fuel oil injection. We can do it into straight cutting wire and also do according to customers' special requirement.

Wire Materials: the main wire material of black annealed wire is iron wire or carbon steel wire.
Yuanda Black Annealed Wire is deployed both in civil construction and in agriculture. Hence, in civil construction annealed wire, also known as ‘burnt wire’ is used for iron setting. In agriculture annealed wire is used for bailing hay.
Meantime black annealed wire is widely used as tie wire or baling wire in building, parks and daily binding.
Black annealed wire is mainly processed into coil wire, spool wire, big package wire or further straightened and cut into cut wire and U type wire.
In coils of 5kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs, 25kgs, 40kgs, 50kgs, 100kgs-500kgs coils in bundles available. It also can be made according to our customers.
Black annealed wire is stored in coils or spools of a varying weights and dimensions depending on the purposes for which it is intended and the needs of clients.
Specification: We can produce black wire ranges from 5# to 38#. Meantime we can manufacture specific black annealed wire according to costomers' orders.

Black annealed wire
Black Annealed Wire
Black annealed wire
Black Annealed Wire
Black annealed wire
Black Annealed Wire
Black annealed wire
Black Annealed Wire
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